Cheryl Tovizi - founder of Tools for Online Business


I'm Cheryl Tóvizi

Tools for Online Business founder

Do you ever dream of ...

spending more time with your loved ones ?

earning an income that allows you more choices ?

doing something new and meaningful with your work life ?

leaving your 9-5 job?

seeing your amazing idea come to fruition?

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Have you ever felt held back by ...

having no idea of what tools and systems you need, let alone how to use them?

confused how all the pieces of technology, systems, processes and content fit together?

 the feeling of being overwhelmed, stuck or on tech overload, ready to pull your hair out? 

being unsure of where to start?

Trust me you are not alone!

Basically, I was trading time for money and working crazy hours in the process - living to work.


I'd spent over 20 years working in the technology industry, firstly as a programmer, then project manager, trainer, global process manager, and then as an IT director.  I've implemented some really cool IT and business systems within government, businesses large and small, as well work with some amazing charities.


As an international keynote speaker, I was invited to present on how to improve the use of technology systems, processes and services within a wide variety of businesses.  Best of all I got to hang out with and learn from some fascinating thought leaders.



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then life changed drastically ...

priorities changed ... 

Amidst the major earthquakes that shook our beautiful city of Christchurch, New Zealand to the ground. I was laid off from my job.  Then to top it all off, I suddenly became a grandmother raising my precious young grandchild, alone.


What was previously important, was suddenly no longer.  Life changed drastically.  Priorities changed.  Life has a way of doing that.


I wanted to spend more time with those I loved.  I now needed the flexibility to work from home while looking after my little grandson.  However, I still wanted to utilise the skills and experience I'd built up over a long period.  I started to think about an online information business.  To help others that were overwhelmed by technology and systems, to make it easier for them.

when life hands you lemons, make lemonade

time to make a change

Now was the time to make a change

I could have crumbled under the weight of what life had bestowed upon me or ride the tidal wave in a different direction.


As a very good friend of mine reminded me ...  "when life hands you lemons, make lemonade"


Time to turn the mountain of lemons into lemonade!  Working in what was supposed to be a five day a week, 9-5 job, but in reality wasn't, was no longer a viable option.


So my search began...

The Journey Begins ...

I started researching about starting an online information business.  I trawled through the internet trying to find simple, step-by-step information 'all in one place' that would help online entrepreneurs and educators to easily create digital information products that weren't online courses.  I had little success.


Some focused just on the tools.  While others just focused on the business side of digital information products.


I joined heaps of Facebook groups to gain inspiration.  Instead, I found so many people like you and I who wanted to build an online information business, but they were struggling with the technology side of creating the digital information products.


They, like me, were feeling overwhelmed.  They were giving up on their dream because it had become too hard for them.  Technology had become a barrier to their success rather than an enabler of their dreams.


I knew with my depth of IT experience, breadth of business skills and training background, I was well qualified to help alleviate the pain of frustration.  I knew I could help others master the technology and processes, so central to an online information business.  Rather than be overwhelmed by it all.


then... I finally found it... hiding in plain sight

Technology  +  Business Processes  +  Training Material   =   Tools for Online Businesses

World map with samsung phone

Over the last few years, I've had the pleasure of helping many others just like you, go from not being tech-savvy to having the confidence to wrangle the tech side of their business.


They have saved heaps and confidently applied smart processes.  Pus kicked their technology overwhelm to the kerb (rather than throwing their PC out the nearest window).  Along the way, they have successfully completed some amazing projects.


Best of all... they got to spend their valuable time on what they love the most.

Do you Want to Create Information Products That can:

stand on their own for sale?

promote and grow your online information business?

be used as a component within an online course?

be used as a opt-in incentive / lead magnet / freebie ?

Capture your digital information product dream

Do you Want to:

work smarter not harder ?

use systems and smart processes that just simply get the job done ?

use technology tools that are 'fit for purpose', without a price tag that requires several mortgages to pay for them ?

use easy to follow instructions, with real-world examples drawn from experience ?

have access to clear road maps that show you how to go from idea to a finished product ?

have access to one-stop information centres  that you can dip into, to fast-track your digital information product creation with confidence?

Great!   You're in the right place.

Welcome to the start of a fantastic journey where we help make dreams a reality.

Still a little curious .....

- I live in Christchurch New Zealand, along with some other famous Kiwis you may know that also call NZ home,  like Lorde, Sir Edmond Hillary and Sir Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings)


- New Zealanders use the British English spelling, not American English.  So no, spelling colour rather than color, organised rather than organized,  are not spelling mistakes - they are the same, but different.


- My bucket list includes visiting countries that start with every letter of the alphabet - I only have K, Q, U, V, W, Z to go

My fellow dream makers ...

Chief Morale Officer

Missy Tovizi

Meet Missy.  She is in charge of calming our founder so the latest piece of technology or software is not thrown out the window.

She is great at listening to ideas, helps with problem-solving.  All while snoring when sleeping.  She also offers content advice and can often be found sitting on the keyboard trying to update the last masterpiece in progress.  Or reminding us that it is time for a drink or something to eat.

So thoughtful.

The Elves

There are others that help out as required and get to check out the latest creations as well as provide sage advice.  It can be hard working on your own so I find their help invaluable.  Like Santa's elves, they work behind the scenes to help make the magic happen.

Are you ready to start your online business creating digital products or online courses?

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