Information Product Ideas Road Map

Increase Your Chances of Online Business Success

The Information Product Ideas Road Map is your starting point for generating ideas that lead to the creation of a profitable online business.

A profitable Information Business Owner understands their market. They craft their ideas into a digital product that their target audience will eagerly pay for and delivers a customer experience that delights.

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Getting Started

Sometimes just getting started can be the hardest part.  You are not alone.


Many first-time online business entrepreneurs falter at the first hurdle. Some give up because they struggle to come up with information product ideas.  Some have trouble translating their ideas into a viable solution.  While others struggle to identify what type of information product to sell or to use to promote their business.


Have you ever struggled to:

generate information product ideas?

identify your market niche or your ideal customer?

select your product offering or validate your information product ideas?

figure out what format to use for your information product?

know where to start in the first place?

Me to.  I totally get it, I've been there.

For me, it felt like ages just to get out of the idea identification stage gate.  I struggled with selecting which knowledge area I wanted to turn into an online information business. I spun my wheels for a bit trying to figure out what I 'wanted' to do vs what I 'could' do.

That is when I discovered how to crystallise my 'WHY'.  The clarity this process brought made the next steps a lot easier, faster and lot more enjoyable.


I wanted to help others like you, fulfil your dream of having a successful online information business.  One that supports you to spend more time doing what you love, with those you love.  To make it easier for others to create a sustainable online business that focused on information products.


“If you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there”

Lewis Carroll

Stage 1 - Information Product Ideas Road Map

By planning and utilising a trusted road map you can get to your destination faster.  With less stress and frustrating detours along the way.  The Tools for Online Business Road Maps aim to do the same.  This road map provides direction on 'where' you need to go and highlights key signposts along the way.


The Information Product Ideas Road Map focuses on identifying your playing field (your niche).  As well as, identifying your product offering and identifying your product format options.


This stage of your online business journey concentrates on the very first key steps to help you:

clarify your purpose, your WHY

formulate your ideas for an information product solution

identify a niche market (your playing field)

identify your ideal customer and uncover their needs

research your market and analyse your competitors

position your product offering

decide which medium and format to use to create your product

Information Product Ideas Road Map

Information Product ideas Roadmap
Digital product information centre

Information Product Ideas Information Centres

The Information Centres focus on 'what'  you need to do and offers tips on 'how'  to get you there.

A range of information and resources are provided within this Information Centre to help with generating information product ideas.

Information Product Ideas 1st stop - identify your playing field

First Stop - Identify your Playing Field

At this stop, the information and resources provided will help you clarify your 'Why', unearth your talents and generate viable ideas.  They will also help you identify your ideal customer.  As well as help you identify a niche that allows you to utilise your talents in a way that is aligned with your WHY.


Start with WHY

The journey to online business success starts with clarifying your 'WHY'.  What is your purpose, cause, belief, the reason for getting out of bed in the morning?  WHY does your business exist and WHY should anyone care?  What is the impact you want to make on the world around you?  Knowing WHY is essential for lasting success.

"People don’t buy What you do, they buy WHY you do it"

- Simon Sinek author of Start With Why

Discover your talents and assess demand

Every one of us has a pool of skills, knowledge, gifts and talents.  We also have areas we are passionate about, which may or may not be related to what we do for our 'day job'.  Assessing demand before embarking down the track of building your product will save time, money and heartache.  Finding your 'sweet spot' will present you with potentially profitable markets.


Find your niche

Once you have immersed yourself by researching your potential market you will need to narrow your research further.  You need to find a niche that you want to operate within.  Through immersion, you will come to understand what kind of problems people are encountering.  As well as what their desired transformations are.  Plus identify what specific knowledge people are looking for.  You will be well rewarded with insight into potential solutions and information product ideas that could meet their needs.


Identify your ideal customer

Armed with the knowledge of your niche it is time to identify your ideal customer.  To better target your ideal customer you will create a Buyer Persona.  This will be the person who you will direct your creative efforts toward.


Identify Your Playing Field

Information Product Ideas 2nd Stop - Identify your Product Offering

2nd Stop - Identify your Product Offering

Once you have set your goal for your product offering. Decided whether you are going to create an information product to offer for free or for sale. It's time to start digging deeper into your niche market.


At this stop, we will focus on researching, positioning and selecting a product solution that will meet the needs of your ideal customer. In addition, you will scan the competitors within your market. Analyse your competitor's product offerings. As well as learn from the leaders within your target market.


Research your niche market

You have narrowed your niche and identified your ideal customer.  It is time to dig deeper and get into the mind of your audience.  What are their burning pains, desires, hopes?  What solutions can you identify that would help your audience?  What product offerings could you create to deliver the solution?  By digging deeper you will uncover a treasure trove of business opportunities.

Information Product Ideas Competitor Analysis

Competitors analysis and problem-solving

Get to know the competitors in your market.  Who are the high performers?  What are they offering?  What problems are your potential customers experiencing?  What are your competitors doing to resolve their problem?  How could your offering be better, different or stand out?  What are the opportunities not yet exploited?  Stalk your competition.  You will then be better placed to compete and thrive within the same marketplace.


Position your product

Information products are used for many purposes.  Some are used as an opt-in incentive / freebie / lead magnet to attract potential customers. To build authority in your field, or to build relationships of trust.  Others are paid products which you can offer at different tiers on the value ladder.  What are your points of difference or points of similarity?  When creating an information product you need to start with the end in mind.

Select your product offering

Having identified your playing field and your ideal customer.  Checked out what your competitors are offering and positioned your product.  It's time to focus on your offering.  From your research into your niche market and analysis of your competition, you will have a clearer view of what solution you are able to offer.

Identify Your Product Offering

Information Product Ideas 3rd Stop - Investigate Your Information Product Format Options

3rd Stop - Investigate Your Information Product Format Options

At this stop, we will work through the abundance of format and medium options to select from for your information product.  Focusing of course, on what will work best for you and your audience.


Review product mediums and formats options

Here we will cover each of the 5 main information product mediums.  You will be looking for the option best suited to your ideal customer.  Within each medium, there are many formats commonly used to create information products in.  Examples of information products are also provided to help spark your creative thoughts.


Evaluate and select your information product format

Once you have a feel for what is possible, it is time to select the product format that you would like to use and feel comfortable creating.  You may decide to choose one format or combine several formats to create your information product.  Keep your audience's preference top of mind.

Your chances of success as an online business entrepreneur are significantly increased with a clear destination that is aligned with your WHY.  Along with a digital product offering that attracts eager paying and targeted customers.

 Investigate Your Information Product Format Options